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Course program: Tattoo art mastery:

Tattoo art history, tattoo origins and evolution over time;
Tattoo role and tasks;
Introduction to tattooing equipment in use, consumables and colors;
Tattoo machine installation and adjustment;
Introduction to processing conditions, disinfection and sterilization of instruments, accessories and utilization of the processing rules that satisfy the health service requirements in relation to tattooing safe environment;
Safety, health and hygiene requirements;
Skin physiology, recovery processes, indications;
Tattoo types, techniques and criteria for determining customers choice;
Tattoo types and styles;
Tattoo implementation of the theoretical and practical basics;
After procedure care rules;
Work with clients:
Attitude towards the customer;
Recommendations and advice giving about the drawing, paint, tattoo selection ;
Preparing the client for the procedure ( moral and physical);
Practical classes:
Preparing tools for work;
Workplace preparation for work;
Drawing preparation, transfer to the layout;
Work on a model
Diploma (First-time skill examination, talents expression detection and improvement):
Independent tool and workplace preparation;
An independent performance;
Tool maintenance after work;
Summary, discussion about mistakes.
Diploma thesis:
Independent tool and workplace preparation;
Colorful tattoo making;
Colorful tattoo with shadowing;
Tool maintenance after work;
Summary, discussion about mistakes.

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